Friday, July 30, 2010

If I could live on a deserted magical island...

It would be one created by Betsy Walton. This is what imagination seemed like when I was little.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

King of squirm

The first Todd Solondz movie I saw was Happiness. I thanked the heavens I hadn't chosen to see it with my parents. There would have been some awkward coughing, adverted eyes and panicky fast forwarding at the very least. The characters are so fucked up and it makes you think about how what constitutes as happiness for one person can be entirely different for another. That and how nuts people can be.

Welcome to the Dollhouse came next. Dawn Wiener, your fashion is like none other, I love you. Before the days of Napolean Dynamite and faux geek chic, Wiener was queen of the dweebs. I watched it with an ex boyfriend and he hated it. I never looked at the same.

Now comes Life during war time. The film poster is done once again buy boy genius Daniel Clowes (of Ghost World fame). The film itself looks totally and utterly amazing with one liners such as "Mommy, I ran out of my Klonopin". Characters search for love, happiness and forgiveness wading through a sea of awkwardness, humour and one liners. Awesome!

Away we go

Pot lucks, to do lists, karaoke till 7am, haphazard packing and many nights on the town. It's last days for celebrating and saying goodbye to those I love!