Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday playlist

Vampire: Antsy pants
Autumn sweater: Yo La Tengo
Caring is creepy: The shins
Arne: Haruka Nakamura
Dreamin' man: Neil Young


I purchased a booked called Umep in the weekend which is the loveliest collections of photographs I have seen in a long time. Candid, hilarious and intimate they capture the offbeat side of Japan to a tee.

Back from holiday

I'm back. Osaka, Tokyo and Kobe were amazing. We made our own savoury seafood pancakes, hired mamacharis, stared at Harajuku girls, visited temples, bargained at the markets, went hiking and drank and ate too much. I have three rolls of film in my handbag that I'm dropping off tonight. Anticipation!

A funny eye

My Funny Eye, always such a refreshing charming perspective!