Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hospital visits

I hate hospitals. Sea foam green walls and an antiseptic smell reminds me that death and illness happens to everyone. All the flowers in the world can’t change that.

When my brother was younger he got very sick and so my family made frequent trips to see him. He was on a nutrient drip and couldn’t ingest food so he soon became a skeletal like figure lying in the bed, looking around despondently, and never complaining. Looking at him made the lump in my throat throb and swallowing was the only way to prevent tears.

The man opposite us was old and I never saw his family visit. One day as we sat with my brother the doctors came to see him, drawing the curtains quickly and telling him in unemotional voices that his operation had been unsuccessful and he had a few weeks. Hearing quiet sobs behind opaque curtains was brutal, sad and awkward. My family sat in silence looking at the hard lino floors for a long time. I couldn’t shake the thought that people are in the hospital 365 days of the year and this was not just a temporary visiting ground.

At Christmas time my brother was released from the hospital and we went to the beach. As he put on his wetsuit I noticed how his long and gangly his legs were, like a parisian supermodel. There was something oddly beautiful about it and I felt so happy he was alive.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love is always cool, lust ain't ever.

Super youth

I have started a column for super lovely lifestyle web magazine  Super Youth.  It has been set up by the ever wonderful Casual Poet Culture and the site is brimming with interesting and inspiration articles about various artists around Asia. Do check it out if you have a spare moment. Shameless self promotion I know! 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn begins

Homemade is best

Ikea and Carl Kleiner have collaborated on what has to be one of the coolest recipe books I have ever seen. 'Hembakat ar Bast' or 'Homemade is best' focuses on the ingredients as well as the finished product bringing a whole new appreciation to the art of making food. Apparently you can get the book for free at Swedish Ikea. I want. Yum yum yum those gingerbread men look good