Monday, November 1, 2010

Prize winner

Taking me back to primary school pet days, a lovely spread in volume 46 of ku:nel magazine

Harajuku shopping map

Boom! Harajuku shopping guide street map, totally awesome. All thanks to the latest issue of Vogue Nippon. Nice.

Chilly days

Sorry I have been out of action for a while. The weather has just started to get a bit cold and drizzly which is making me want to hide under layers of duvets and not do much at all. I wish the weather didn't affect me so much. 

On the bright side the local onsen (nudey baths) have become a haven of warmth and I can finally wear my spectacular fur hat outside without feeling overly ridiculous. I know that winter and snow is just around the corner. 

I have never lived in such a cold climate before so I'm not sure how I am going to find it. Pluses include rugging up warm, winter festivals, making snow angels and skiing every weekend. Minuses include the all encompassing coldness that strikes to the core, the need to eat spicy hot delicious (fattening) ramen every day and the fear I am going to burn myself alive courtesy of my fancy new kerosene heater. 

I hope you had an amazing Halloween, I dressed as an evil swan. I feel the evilness of swans is definitely underrated. Speaking of swans Black Swan looks amazing. Can't wait!

All this hibernation has meant I have been devouring quite a few amazing Japanese interior design/fashion magazines that I will put scan on the blog TONIGHT.

I'm off to Taiwan tomorrow with some friends and am extremely excited about trawling the night markets, lounging on the beach and drinking bubble tea.  Alas no blogging for a week or so but then I promise an onslaught of Taiwanese photos. I am quite intrigued as to what it's going to be like because I know so little about the place.

I hope yours is a bearable Monday and you're not still suffering from the remnants of a halloween hangover. I know I am! :)

Paintings by Ben Reeves