Saturday, May 21, 2011

Little buddies

I've been lucky enough to become friends with lots of mini people while living in Japan. Pictured at the top is Mato. He is my friends kid and is obsessed with the moon. How cool is that? Below is Riku, Mato's brother. He likes bugs. The last two pictures are of kids who live in my apartment block. They are always playing outside so sometimes I go and practice hi fives and handshakes with them. 

Brightening my day

Pate Tapes. I've been dancing around my apartment this afternoon. The Soul Stax Motown and John Peel sessions are amazing. Thanks for the tip Lucy!

Finding out about this movie.

Lusting over these rings via So Much to Tell You via Topshop

Catching up on my afternoon reading. Ku:nel, So En, Jill and Vogue Nippon. Bliss!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Come home!

I was lucky enough to find a whole back catalogue of Come Home! magazine for a meagre pittance at a second hand bookstore. I love the Japanese interior aesthetics of the magazine. Lots of plants, natural light, basic items and kawaii craft. Sugoi ne! 


The other day I was talking to my favourite two Parisian ladies on skype, Lucy and Anna, all the while drinking a smoothie. I must have induced some smoothie envy from Anna because when I checked my inbox later that day, these two images greeted me. 
かわいい 女の子!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cherry bomb

This is the last lot of film that I have had developed from cherry blossom season which was so beautiful, but so fleeting. It's been magical to see the sun come out along with dusky pink petals, everywhere!