Saturday, April 30, 2011

There's a whole world out there

Jake Stangel photos reminded me there is so much to be excited about.

The last seven days

It's been a busy week full of travel, family, romance and adventures. The top pictures are from a relaxing day I spent in the garden enjoying the sunshine. I finished Just Kids by Patti Smith which was beautiful, and so well written. Then later in the week, rummaging in a junk store on the road I found a treasure trove of National Geographics. Oh lordy, there are some amazing outfits! Scans coming soon. The next picture is my niece showing me fictional holes in her teeth after gorging on Easter eggs and below that was the cutest roadside church I stopped in to look at. To top all this off my brother tied the knot which was so exciting and it turned out to be a spectacular day with family and friends. Him and his new wifey looked pretty amazing and everyone dressed up nice and fancy which was great. Below that is my charming boyfriend acting rather poised for the camera, and then my niece trying to escape, as well as my brother. The last photo is of me and mum and dad on the dance floor doing what I presume is the robot. I can't quite remember because I think I was laughing too hard. A good week!