Thursday, January 13, 2011


Bombay by El Guincho

Hallo 2011

Hello, hello. Happy new years. I hope yours was alcohol induced and merry with plenty of family, friends and memorable events.

India proved to be a sensory delight with more colour, noise and smell than I could have ever imagined. I ate copious amounts, shamed shop keepers into lower prices and predictably succumbed to the grip of Delhi belly.

Apart from that it was an amazing holiday. It had been four long months since I'd seen my boyfriend so we were like excited (albeit jet lagged crazed) kids. He managed to handle my aunts asking 'exactly what percent chance is there you are getting married?' as well as some rather unsubtle hints about us tying the knot.

Evidently 25 is well beyond the expiration date. One cousin (26, married and already the supplier of one healthy baby) gripped my wrist, looked deep into my eyes and said 'it's time.'  I'm breathing a sigh of relief they didn't throw a net over us and administer a law binding ceremony.