Friday, July 22, 2011

Backyard bbq

The other night I went to a BBQ with a family who live on the outskirts of my town. Their vegetable garden was incredible with all types of fresh and delicious treats including giant garlic cloves that we cooked and ate whole. That night, after the temperature dropped, we let off fireworks, ate food and and enjoyed the summer night. It was so lovely. When I went back to the car, I noticed the sky was filled with the most beautiful light, a golden glow that made everything in that moment utterly magical.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Why thank you Mr Postman

Easter love
A bon voyage postcard my friend Yuko
A hand drawn postcard from Tokyo, lucky me!
Miffy came all the way from Paris!
New Years postcards are my absolute favourite
A wooden postcard from Taiwan
I volunteered at my local hospital and helped some of the disabled patients make postcards. They did a great job!
My best friend kept her feelings concise!

I love sending mail and receiving mail. Writing letters, postcards and assembling packages is such a delight. And there's nothing like the feel of paper and seeing the handwriting of those dearest to you. Ahh the thrill of finding a treasure in your letter box! I especially love stamps from foreign countries. I inherited my Grandmas stamp collection and it is so interesting to see what themes have been popular over the years. Certainly a lot of space travel, the royal family and creatures of the sea!

 I've been really lucky to get lots of wonderful postcards this year from friends on various adventures. If you're in need of a fantastic letter set to dazzle your friends should check out the new Hello Sandwich letter set that came out today. It is ridiculously cute and I can't wait to order a set and blow my friends socks off! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

How to be: a cute Japanese old lady

1. Colour coordination -team with that theme!  Leopard and mustard? Hell yes. Pastels are aok too.

2. A cute hat- perhaps it's a crafty paper hat you just made (above), a bucket hat, or a wide brimmed number for gardening in the sun

3. Embracing of eccentricities - Kookiness is encouraged. Whether it be a jazzy little dance when you're excited or a sporadic 360 twirl, eccentricities are a boon. My favourite Japanese old lady occasionally breaks out into a shuffly little dance while on the treadmill at my gym. It makes my day!

4. A mamachari - Travel around in style on a vintage bicycle. Be courteous on the roads and always walk your bike when crossing

5. A lovely smile - Be cheery and woo people with your killer style and dazzling smile