Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ku:nel vol 49 & 50

Above are my favourite images from the past two issues of Ku:nel. There was a lot of food featured so I had to be careful not to salivate over the pages. Some of the clothes induced the same effect. The bottom picture is of the Ku:nel mascot. He is so cute! Every issue he is featured in the top right hand corner of the cover doing something different. Sometimes he is eating, sometimes sleeping, occasionally he is reading the newspaper. His main goal in life is to relax and be happy, much like the ethos of the magazine!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Home is not where you live but where they understand you

Amanda De Vitto
The home of stylist Carline Van Oel at Konfetti Form
A table setting. Source unknown
May Roses at La Mignonette
Martin Pisottis space at Daydream Lily
Source unknown

When I was younger my parents used to drag me around antique stores, furniture fairs and auctions and I always thought 'you poor things. your life is so boring'. To spend a weekend in the pursuit of further decoration for your home seemed ludicrous when you could be frolicking in the grass, launching a war upon the kids next door or fishing for cockabillies in the river. The life of an adult seemed stuffy, tedious and taxing. While my young self is still a cheerleader for this logic I can't help but swoon these days when I see 60's ceramic poodle pepper shakers or a fine piece of taxidermy. When things shifted I'm not exactly sure, but there is nothing like an inspiring space to spend ones time in.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


How wonderful is this? WOWOWOWOWOWOOWOWOW.
As found at the ever wonderful Yimmys Yayo. Note to self. Do not check at Yayo at work. Awkward nudey screen moments. 

Sunday, May 29, 2011


The friendliest castle
The window of my favourite chu cream shop in Japan
A quaint barber shop in Oguni
Riku busting some moves on the dancefloor
Fresh chu cream. NOM.
A lovely door
Befriending a dinosaur in Aizu
...and a samurai
A sign at a temple. I was a sucker and took the stairs.
This is what happens when you are deliriously hungover at McDonalds

My weekend has been pretty wonderful to date. I went to Oguni, and Aizu and did lots of action packed touristy things. Even though I live in Japan I always feel like I'm on holiday which is a rather spectacular thing. I saw a great band called Rabi Rabi play last night and today, even though I was a touch hungover, I ventured on to see castles, temples and the kawaii backstreets of Aizu. I also constructed a french fry heart in McDonalds which I was rather proud of. A good day!