Sunday, May 29, 2011


The friendliest castle
The window of my favourite chu cream shop in Japan
A quaint barber shop in Oguni
Riku busting some moves on the dancefloor
Fresh chu cream. NOM.
A lovely door
Befriending a dinosaur in Aizu
...and a samurai
A sign at a temple. I was a sucker and took the stairs.
This is what happens when you are deliriously hungover at McDonalds

My weekend has been pretty wonderful to date. I went to Oguni, and Aizu and did lots of action packed touristy things. Even though I live in Japan I always feel like I'm on holiday which is a rather spectacular thing. I saw a great band called Rabi Rabi play last night and today, even though I was a touch hungover, I ventured on to see castles, temples and the kawaii backstreets of Aizu. I also constructed a french fry heart in McDonalds which I was rather proud of. A good day!


  1. Love the french fry love heart! So cute! :D

  2. Thanks! It's definitely the end product of a hangover.

    I like your blog! I see you are a bona fide Japan enthusiast. I hope you get to make it over here soon! xx

  3. kawaii new haircut gem! looks like you had a lovely weekend x

  4. Aww Luce, I can't wait to see your barcelona photos! xx