Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Home is not where you live but where they understand you

Amanda De Vitto
The home of stylist Carline Van Oel at Konfetti Form
A table setting. Source unknown
May Roses at La Mignonette
Martin Pisottis space at Daydream Lily
Source unknown

When I was younger my parents used to drag me around antique stores, furniture fairs and auctions and I always thought 'you poor things. your life is so boring'. To spend a weekend in the pursuit of further decoration for your home seemed ludicrous when you could be frolicking in the grass, launching a war upon the kids next door or fishing for cockabillies in the river. The life of an adult seemed stuffy, tedious and taxing. While my young self is still a cheerleader for this logic I can't help but swoon these days when I see 60's ceramic poodle pepper shakers or a fine piece of taxidermy. When things shifted I'm not exactly sure, but there is nothing like an inspiring space to spend ones time in.

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