Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grey gardens

If my fate was to be a posh batty old lady socialite with eccentric style, no hair and a dazzling array of headscarves I wouldn't be too alarmed. Then again, if I had to spend this time living in a dilapidated mansion in the Hamptons with raccoons, fleas, trash and my equally crazy mother, I may reconsider the offer.

Grey Gardens is the 1975 documentary following mother and daughter Edith Beale (big Edie and little Edie). Once beautiful American socialites, the cousin and Aunt of Jackie Onassis,  and all around privileged woman, big Edie's divorce saw the duo slowly spiral into ruins clinging to their once majestic mansion, their grand memories and what could have been. Simultaneously hilarious and sad it shows one of the oddest and intimate relationships I have ever seen on film.

Cat attack!

Most cats are sassy assholes but they're irresistible all the same.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday playlist

On and ever onward - Dirty Projectors and Bjork
Now that I know - Devendra Banhart
Dearest - Buddy Holly
Too young - Phoenix
Out on the weekend - Neil Young
A - Maybe not - Cat Power

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Out of action

Sorry to those of you have been checking the blog and to find no new posts. My Grandma died this week so I have been feeling anything but creative and inspired. In the interim I am trying hard to remember fragments of her. The little sighs she often did, the way she smelt, little notes with beautiful handwriting and her spectacular house filled with trinkets. She lived to be 86 so I can be happy that she lived a long and wonderful life full of adventure, but of course it is so so so sad. I will miss her immensely. I'm still a bit shocked that it happened. I'll be up and running with posts again in the next few days, hope you've all had a wonderful week in the meantime.
Gemma. x