Monday, July 18, 2011

How to be: a cute Japanese old lady

1. Colour coordination -team with that theme!  Leopard and mustard? Hell yes. Pastels are aok too.

2. A cute hat- perhaps it's a crafty paper hat you just made (above), a bucket hat, or a wide brimmed number for gardening in the sun

3. Embracing of eccentricities - Kookiness is encouraged. Whether it be a jazzy little dance when you're excited or a sporadic 360 twirl, eccentricities are a boon. My favourite Japanese old lady occasionally breaks out into a shuffly little dance while on the treadmill at my gym. It makes my day!

4. A mamachari - Travel around in style on a vintage bicycle. Be courteous on the roads and always walk your bike when crossing

5. A lovely smile - Be cheery and woo people with your killer style and dazzling smile


  1. please let me be EXACTLY like that when i'm an old lady :)

  2. Me too. Must work hard at cultivating eccentricities! Hahaha.