Wednesday, July 13, 2011

happy birthday (to me!)

Holy moly, It's my birthday! And my first summer one at that. My day has been lovely so far with plenty of birthday  well wishes and love, yummy chu cream and even a few presents! Tonight my Japanese friend is hand making me gyoza so we are going to get together with some friends and celebrate with delicious food and beer.  Usually birthdays lower my spirits (silly I know, I'm afraid of becoming ancient) but today I am feeling lucky for all I have. The last year has been one of my best yet. Here's hoping 26 will be an even better year. ♡ 

 The photos above are from this amazing flickr. They really make me smile!


  1. happy, happy, happy birthday! sounds like you have a fun night planned :) hope it turns out to be lovely x

    ps. that flickr set is SO amazing!! that kid is adorable.

  2. That flickr set is so amazing isn't it? Totally charming!

    Thank you for the birthday wishesl :)

  3. Happy birthday! These girls are so cute. The photos are so much fun!

  4. Thank you Joy! Thank you Ebony! ♡

    I had the most wonderful day. xx