Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot child in the city

It's getting hot out. We're currently sitting at about 33 degrees and my hair has exploded into a Tina Turner frizz bomb. Any hope of dignity and poise is but a glimmering memory of the past.  While it is tempting to lay on my tatami beneath the soothing caress of my fan I have been getting out and about on the weekends. Book trawling, going to gigs, eating mexican food, potting plants - any thing is possible in Japan. That and a hell of a lot of Karaoke. An 'establishment' I went to recently came with a costume box (creepy mask above included) allowing you to act out your weirdest entertainer dreamers, sort of like a bizarre  version of stars in their eyes. Gosh I loved that show when I was little!

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