Thursday, April 15, 2010

Push yourself

Make a flyer of your day

Create a constellation from freckles

Fix something

Make an encouraging banner

Recently I had the creeping feeling that I have been getting a little bit lazy in life. Apart from occasionally jamming my head in bus doors (prev post) I haven't been doing much to terrify and exhilarate myself, in the best possible way of course. Last night, in a burst of bravery I went to the movies alone. I have never done this. With an unfortunate sense of irony I picked 'Date Night', no judgement please. It had Tina Fey and I love her, alas the film was terrible. As I sat in the cinema surrounded by smoochy couples chewing on popcorn I felt pleased with myself. I had conquered a minor fear, I had pushed myself. The pitying glances and movie attendant who raised his eyebrows before saying "just one ticket the? just Date Night?" didn't bother me at all.

I recently acquired Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July's book 'Learning to Love you More'. It came at just the right time. The two authors gave the public a list of assignments to complete and published submissions in book and blog form. It catalogues the mundane elements that every day life can sometimes bring but encourages us to look at it in a new light.Visiting the blog and reading the book is slightly a voyeuristic experience into the lives of others but it helped me realise that we all have fears and we all need to push ourselves a little bit more.

You can visit the blog here.

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