Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cat mania

It seems cat mania has gripped the imagination of the people. They are every where I turn. On TV, the internet, even crossing the road! This weekend I went to 'Cats Galore', a shop dedicated entirely to cat paraphenalia in Petone. It's heavenly. Cat umbrellas, cat pillows, cat mugs! I think I will still be frequenting the joint when I am a 60 year old spinster living in my cat themed house - perhaps I should leave those fears for another day.

My own cat, Tim, died when I was a teen after eating the string tied around a roast. A victim of his own greed he went out quietly to our river bank and died a painful undelicious death. He was a bit of a sassy bitchy cat and never sat on my lap or showed me affection. All the same I loved his tyrannical and moody ways. That's one of the best things about cats, you have to take them on their terms, not yours, they're not afraid to show a bit of sass and their personalities are as diverse and interesting as humans.

Plenty of cat glory can be found at


  1. Oooh I like your blog Gemmaaaaa, it's cute, it is now on my goggle reader


  2. Meow mania! Hours of guilty desktop fun (when I should be working) x