Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today in my lunch break I made a trip out to the hospital with my best friend to visit our other very best friend who has to spend a wee bit of time there. We took her out in a rickety old wheel chair away from the antisepticy rooms to a sunny little lawn spot the hospital had rather strangely called 'the labryinth'. The ground was completely covered in acorns and it was a little bit cold but sunny. We peeled the acorns, threw them at each other and imprinted our fingernails on the softness beneath the hard shell. I was reminded, totally and completely of slightly cold days spent outside a long time ago when there is nothing much to do and you are just fossicing about exploring things with your friends. I remember acorn piles, snipping strange plants to make even stranger bouquets and the story of my friends grandmother who went senile, ate a lily and died from the poison.

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