Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tap your heels three times ...

So far I have one complaint about Londontown ... 90% of passer buyers are incredibly well attired inducing painful bouts of covetousness in yours truly.
I want I want I want.

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  1. London is awesome for that huh, it makes you...step up your game.

    K that kind of sounded a bit lame.

    Oh shit and then I went and rhymed didn't I.

    Um, aaaaaaaaaanyway yeah, not sure if you've been in London before but, Spitalfields, Sunday Up Markets and the Bricklane area in general is good for yummy vintage type stuff.

    And Primark is pretty good if you want a dress for 5 quid (that will fall apart after a couple of wears, but it's a dress for 5 quid!)

    That's my 2 cents anyway, happy exploring!