Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'll eat your fingers, I'll eat your toes

One of my best friends James once got bitten on the face by an irate girlfriend who he was (thankfully) in the process of dumping. He had an amazing round bite mark on his cheek for weeks. It was weird and hilarious. The situation would been much worse (or better?) if he had been one of Giuseppe Archimboldo's characters.

I've never been able to get over how amazing he is at mashing a pile of food together to create simultaenously likeable, grotesque and comic works of wonder.

When I was little my school had the human fruit and vege competition where you shaped a person through the inventiveness of carrots, peas, artichoke or whatever your parents happened to have handy. I was never very good, producing a pile of non descript food and submitting it as an entry. My brother on the other hand was magnificent, carving characters through a fusion of melon, cauliflower and potato. Giuseppe Arcimboldo would have beaten my brother for sure. Look at those pear noses!

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