Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am alone but it's okay

I found this video on you can make it easy and found it so incredibly comforting. I am now living in Japan and last night was my first alone in my apartment. Suddenly no one was with me. I shut the door and burst into tears. Home seemed a million miles away and I felt like I had no one to talk to. I stood in the kitchen surrounded by suitcases and bawled like a giant baby. After some tearful skyping  I calmed down and got some sleep. Today I went out and bought a beautiful red mamachari and have spent the evening cruising the streets against a backdrop of a bright red sky and sweltering 32 degrees. I realised I can be alone. It is okay. It's just going to take a bit of practice. I can eat in a restaurant by myself and no one will know me. I can explore the city, take photos, talk to strangers and buy whatever I want for dinner. Last night I wandered through the giant neon lanes of the supermarket dumbfounded with all the new products. I purchased highly impractical things like fancy conditioner, a bunch of flowers and rosehip tea. For dinner I sat watching a japanese gameshow while eating a banana, karaage chicken and a can of Asahi. I'll be up with more posts (and photos!!!) soon as I get settled into this wonderful land that is Japan.



  1. Aaaaw you're so cute.

    I think it'd be weird for any girl to MOVE TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD, and not have a "oh ma god" teary moment.

    And I imagine Japan must be an incredible place to explore on your own! jealous, have fun! :)


  2. gemma .. it makes me jealous, wellington the village, is raining and raining. you can do whatever you want now! luck & love.m.oxoxo

  3. Thanks for your kind words girls. Oh the world so much smaller with internet. Yay. x