Friday, September 24, 2010

From black to pastel

I was having a really bad day today. Things just weren't working out how I wanted them to and a frown was attached to my face all morning. It's such an awful feeling and I realised it was up to me to choose how long I was going to indulge in my bad mood. Sometimes it's easier to say angry. I tried to do things that make me feel better. 

I said sorry to someone I needed to. 
I went and saw Hoishi, my supermarket man who is 70 and high fives me on arrival and departure. 
I bought coloured pencils.
I ate shoe cream (it's like an eclair)
I looked at pictures that made me laugh.
I rode my bike.
I patted a cat.
I wrote a letter to a friend.
I put fresh flowers in my vase.
I bought a train ticket for Tokyo.
I took photos with a new roll of film.
I feel better now.

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