Friday, January 21, 2011

Not my week

For whatever reason, this week simply wasn't my week. -10 degree mornings made it hard to tear the duvets off myself in the morning and the combination of a cold and a Monday morning hangover meant the week was off to a bumpy start. I somehow managed to scratch my eye on Wednesday which lead to one side of my face covered in an unending stream of tears, making me look like an off kilter emotional wretch in front of grocery baggers, co workers and the ladies at the post office. Yesterday my computer crashed evoking a now crazed touch pad and a loss of files I didn't back up. I figure I must have got all my bad luck out of the way for the next few months so I am trying to focus on the things that brighten my day

-thick wooly socks that turn my numb toes warm
-Japanese winter strawberries
-unexpected emails from strangers and long lost friends 
-gifts in the post
-a weekly fix of trashbaggery
-the seven rolls of film awaiting development in my handbag
this band
this video
this photostream
rereading kafka on the shore
banana smoothies
snowball fights
costumed skype dates
this blog and this blog

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