Thursday, March 10, 2011

Live at studio coast

I went to Belle and Sebastian in the weekend which was simply amazing. It was on an island by Tokyo called Odaiba. I was a little nervous about catching the train over as I had never been there but it turned out okay and my friend was waiting for me at the station. 

Belle and Sebastian put on a good show and the sound quality was amazing. The crowd stood beneath the biggest disco ball in Asia. I love a good disco ball.  

The funny thing was the audience. Everyone was so polite. There was no yelling out in the silences between songs, no pushing and shoving to get a spot in the crowd and very polite clapping. I was baffled. In New Zealand it is every man and woman for themselves, there is pushing, shoving, whistling, calling out to the band and crowd banter. I'm not sure which I prefer?

After the concert I walked around Odaiba, the strange wee artificial island that it was. Looking at the Tokyo city sky line from a distance I felt like an ant, rather small and insignificant but appreciative of the greatness of such an amazing city.

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