Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make it awesome

photo taken by nik brinkman at fewer shades. I sent his lovely girlfriend this sponge in the post because it was too cute not to!

One of my favourite bloggers is Aron from Make it Easy. He has such a positive attitude and sees beauty in the most remarkable things. When I first started reading blogs I was very uncertain, being a die hard lover of all things print. Make it Easy showed me everything that was good about blogging culture. Aron has set up a new site called This Can Save Your Life. It has a list of simple exercises to help you and others around you be happier about life. My favourites are:

-write a letter to your best friend, explaining how much you love them
-put on some music and dance in your room until you break a sweat
-on a piece of paper, draw a cartoon version of yourself.  on one side of you, make a list of your best qualities, and on the other side, make a list of things you can improve on 

Those are just a few but I think you should visit the site and look at the whole list! It reminded me that it is never too late to improve your day or make a difference to someone else's

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