Monday, June 13, 2011


When I approach Japanese people to ask if I can take their picture they often try to run away from me. I understand their instincts. I am a bit creepy. Derogatory feelings for myself set aside, it stems from the fact that many are worried they lack the communication skills to talk to a foreigner. The thought of an awkward moment shared between us sends them into a state of panic. When I saw the charming lady in the top photo with her kawaii ensemble (bucket hat, pastels, rose tinted glasses and amazing apron, swoon) I approached her tentatively. She saw me coming and shuffled away nervously, going to get her daughter who was working with her. I asked her in Japanese 'can I take a photo please?' which she misconstrued as me asking her to take a photo of me and became even more flustered, blushing profusely and edging away. After a rather broken explanation she realised that I wanted to take a photo of her and she threw her head back and laughed, really really hard. She was delighted and proceeded to give me the loveliest smile which really made my day.


  1. oh how cute! I love that pastel lady! And I totally have been there with the 'can i take your photo' 'sure i'll take your photo' drama! :) cutie!
    Love Sandwich

  2. Haha. Thanks! She was so cute. It's always a touch awkward isn't it? But so worth it for a good photo!

    Not long till my visit to Tokyo. YAY!


  3. She is so cute Gem! and what a cute story too xx

  4. I can't decide what I like more, that she laughed so hard and gave you such a cute smile or that you could ask her to pose for you in Japanese! cute!

  5. Aww thanks ladies. She was a charmer! x

  6. I imagine her smile was a reflection of yours.
    You are the charmer Gem. Love.