Monday, July 25, 2011

Jille girls

I picked up a copy of Jille magazines 'Girls Snap' today, an issue comprised entirely of street shots. There is so much amazing fashion on the streets of Japan, it's bursting at the seams. I can't quite work kawaii like the Japanese girls but they sure do inspire me! 


  1. oh my goodness - i LOVE japanese style and i LOVE street style snaps! so amazing.

  2. 私も!(me too!)

    I have been collecting lots of Japanese fashion mags so I will endeavor to scan some more up soon!

  3. I found a back copy of this magazine in our local Goodwill and absolutely love it. A subscription from Japan is very expensive. Has anyone found a way to get less expensive copies in the states?

  4. Not that I know of sorry. The cheapest I could find was $!59 US for one year. Good luck! :)

  5. Love the blog but...I think you have to be careful about posting so much info from Japanese magazines.

    A smaller version, perhaps you can get away with.

    But it is best not to do too regularly or else your blog might get some attention that you do not want it to get! :)

    Use your own photos and you won't get into trouble.

    Read your article on Japan Today recently. I understand the feeling. The jerks who mentioned the negative comments have obviously NOT stepped into the shoes of a foreign women living in Japan, country with tiny starved women.


  6. Hi Vivian,

    Thanks for the advice. I think you are perhaps right. I like to share magazine scans with readers from overseas but a bit too much could land me in trouble!

    To be honest I'm not hurt by the comments. Articles often generate debate, so I've learnt with writing, it pays to have thick skin. People always have an opinion and sometimes it's not what you're hoping to hear. That's okay with me though.

    All I can do is put my opinion and hope that some people will understand and perhaps have a laugh at some of the slightly more tongue and cheek moments.

    Thanks for the support and advice.