Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Goodbye Summer

The Japanese summer departed swiftly leaving me rather surprised and clutching at my winter coats. Unlike New Zealand where the weather dilly dallies between seasons Japan is all about the sharp and defined change of the seasons. I'm now dreading seeing Australian and New Zealand friends popping up in my news feed, bathed in light and leisurely sipping on wine. Ahh the envy. I'm a summer kid! That said, here are some snaps taken over the past few weeks.


  1. omg, i love these pictures. they are amazing! i love the rich colors. are they taken with film?

  2. These are all so beautiful! I'm following for sure. x hivenn

  3. definitely know what you mean.... we only visited Japan for two weeks at the end of summer/start of autumn, but one week it was steamy and hot, the next it was so fresh and cold!

    ps. thanks so much for the lovely comment bout my job sitch-- trying to keep positive! :) x

  4. Thank you for the lovely comments! ♡♡

    Yes, they're taken on film. Normally 400 ISO and I use a fuji super colour version.

    Hmm, how to follow? I'm not too sure as I use google reader. Would it help if you clicked on 'view my complete profile' on the right side of the page? If anyone has any advice on how to do this, would be appreciated!

  5. such beautiful photos. as much as I love fall, it's just a reminder that the dreaded winter is coming. blah.