Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween in Japan is always lots of fun and this year was no exception. I dressed as a Frida Kahlo inspired Mexican day of the dead skeleton which was lost on a lot of people. I walked past one group of Japanese guys on the street and they said 'ooh...Lady Gaga'. Ahh well. One can try!


  1. That last picture put me over the top with admiration at the excellence of your costumes! In Tokyo it's so easy just to go to DonKi and pick up a readymade that would boggle anybody outside Japan, but doesn't hold a candle to what people do here when they make something from scratch with hyaku-en store bits and pieces. I write for a living, but I've been to Tokyo costume events filled with people whose costumes left me scrambling for words to describe them, they were so...out there. I finally figured out that where I come from, people usually become someone (or something) else when they put on a costume, so you can easily say, "There was a bearded ballerina at the party last night." But in Japan, they conjure up looks that can only be described as "There was a girl there dressed as Disturbing." (And HA, I love that Japanese guys on the street thought you were Lady Gaga. I wore a shirt from a somewhat yanki-ish brand called Vice Fairy with wings and a wand, and a passing Japanese couple asked if I was Tinkerbell.)

  2. miss! your comment on my blog was so cute! I am so sorry I am such a slacko and haven't sent it yet. I am going to get right up to that post office before the 5pm bell today i assure you!

  3. Thanks Jonelle! It's always fun to try and go a little more D.I.Y. We were hitting the hyaku en stores religiously in the lead up to halloween. And haha, I totally know what you mean about someone dressing as 'disturbing'. Only in Japan! It's funny people thought you were tinkerbell!

    Thank you Ebony. Don't be silly. I am so excited to be getting a wee gift in the mail. Your post brightened my day very muchly! ♡♡