Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter appreciation club

I don't particularly enjoy Winter, so for this very reason I have concocted a list of all good things that come with the season

- can wear a fur hat and not look silly
- snow fights with friends, extra points for unsuspecting victims
- hot mulled spiced wine, all the time
- baths with fragrant salts, or visiting the local onsen (Japanese nudy bathes)
- the promise of Spring
- staying inside and being creative
- re-watching favourite movies/re reading books
- attempting skiing or snowboaring on the slopes/ trying not to mow down small children
- soul food
- layering
- bed with a million layers of blankets
-watching snowflakes swirl out the window

that's all I can think of!

photo via doradoradoo


  1. i love that you made a list-- i'm not one of winter's hugest fans either, so maybe i need to make a list too. the weather here has JUST started to get a little cool edge sometimes.. EEP!

  2. Ahh the creeping in of the cold! It must be hard after your lovely sunny holiday. It's still snowy and cold here but the promise of cherry blossoms around the corner is keeping me going!