Thursday, May 17, 2012

Japan - a story of love and hate

If you have an hour to spare I would really recommend watching this BBC documentary of the life of one man living in rural Japan, suffering the effects of  the 'bubble burst' of the early 90's. It gives an incredible insight into such a closed door society and those who live in poverty. While it does not represent everyone in Japan, it is a unique and heart wrenching story filled with interesting characters, humour,  brutal honesty and some sad truths about the current state of Japan. 


  1. Gemma, Thanks for sharing...I've been here around 2 years and haven't met anyone as outspoken as Naoki.
    I was scared there for a second when he said Naoki knew what he had to do, but glad everything turned out well ..for now at least.

  2. Indeed, everything is well for now at least. I hope that life gets better for Naoki, and so many other people in a similar situation. I cannot imagine how hard it must be. At very least, Naoki has his very wonderful sense of humor to get him through difficult times!