Monday, March 29, 2010

By candle light

Earth hour was this weekend and at the last minute my flatmates and I decided to pull out the candles and participate. Traipsing around the house with only a candle to light my way made me feel very 'ye olde world' and by golly my flatmates looked all the sexier in the soft subtle lighting. My dear friend donned the seediest velvet shirt I have ever laid my eyes upon, chosen especially for our romantic candle light foray as we sat around drinking wine, talking and listening to music.
There is something to be said for the ambience of candles and it was nice to share in this novelty whilst doing something good for the environment. When I visit relatives in India there are often mandatory two hour power cuts from 7-9pm and we sit around, play cards, drink wine and talk. Sometimes it's nice to turn off the lights and the television and spend time conversing with the people you live with. We are going to try and make candle light a frequent evening occurance in our house, as long as my friend promises to leave his seedy velvet shirt on the hanger.

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