Saturday, April 10, 2010

The final year

In late 1969 artistic differences between The Beatles had reached boiling point. George Harrison resented the lack of interest in his songs and John and Paul no longer collaborated on songs.  Tension arose over Yoko's presence in the studio, especially when John encouraged Yoko to give feedback.

In '69 they finished making the initial recordings for the songs that would become the albums Let it Be and Abbey Road.

Beatles manager Brian Epstein died two years earlier and this, in many ways, was a nail in the coffin. Brian was integral to the solidity of the band and Lennon was later quoted saying it was the "beginning of the end".

That year both John and Yoko and Paul and Linda were married.

At the beginning of 1969 the group began rehearsals at the Twickenham Studios in London. In the first month the group played 52 original songs, several of which would end up on Abbey Road — but old tensions surfaced quickly. Paul's bossiness was the source of many irritations. The time in Twickenham can be seen as their last largely productive time together.

Abbey Road was released in September, 1969. By this time all members were pursuing individual projects.

The finale came in April of 1970. There was argument over the release date of Paul's first solo album which coincided with the release of Let it be. On April 10 Paul announced his departure from the band. They never played together again.

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