Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To be

I was grappling with thoughts on trueness to self and turning away from all the self consciousness and social climbing bullshit (or at least trying to). I want every action I make to be because I truly mean it. I want to have clearer ideas about the person I am and what I strive for. Alas my discombobulated thoughts came out awkward, fumbly and jumbled. Then I stumbled across this list in my drafts inbox. It seemed to sum up everything I wanted to say, and far more eloquently. If you know who wrote it please email me, I would love to credit whoever did. 
  • Never depend on your eternal surroundings for happiness, nor another person
  • With every act you carry out, whether it be washing your hands, feeding your cat, holding someone's hand; have passion
  • Now is all that matters, you can always deal with the present moment. Don't be crippled by pasts events/future
  • Be open minded about everything. Let go, go with the flow. Life is really interesting and constantly stimulating this way
  • Respect all living creatures.
  • Adore your own company
  • Embrace strangers, smile with them
  • Be grateful for everything
  • Embrace relativity
  • Humans are incredibly intricate yet simultaneously, very simple. Keep this in mind
  • Everyone is having a different experience, don't expect others to reciprocate your own frame of mind
  • You will never love another until you love yourself
  • Everything you can imagine is real
  • Everything is the force of life, you are the force of life
  • Cook meals naked, embrace nudity
  • Never, ever settle for mediocrity
  • Don't pollute your mind
  • Love your job, give it your heart and soul. Never do a job just for loot. Have passion for it
  • Always expect the unexpected, Always!
  • Share baths
  • Keep a tape recorder by your bed to record spontaneous epiphanies and dreams
  • Don't obsess over the nature of time, you will lose your mind
  • If you want someone attention, bite them
  • Chill the fuck out, keep it real

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