Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lists for December

Top 5 things I really should do, but don't

1. Finish memorising katakana and hiragana
2. Complete chrismas card craft bee 
3. Develop the growing stack of film sitting in shoe box
4. Brush my hair in the morning
5. Stop being a grinch

Top 5 people I have been dreaming about

1. Mum
2. Bill Murray
3. My koto teacher
4. Boyfriend
5. Best friend

Top 5 books on the xmas wishlist

1. Luella's guide to English style by Luella Bartley
2. Ignorance by Milan Kundera
3. Being and nothingness by John Paul Satre
4. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
5.  Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Top 5 things I am obsessed with

1. Come away with ESG - an amazing album
2. Koto
3. Seeing Black Swan
4. The affection crazed cat that lurks opposite my work
5. Themed skype dates 

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