Thursday, February 24, 2011

The kindness of strangers

On Tuesday a devastating 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Christchurch destroying homes and buildings as well as many peoples lives. Unfortunately the death toll continues to rise with hundreds of people unaccounted for. I feel so lucky that all of my friends are safe and out of harms way. Right now the city is in ruins and thousands of people are homeless and in desperate need of aid. 

The positive that comes out of this situation are the stories of goodwill and kindness from generous people all around New Zealand and the world. In Wellington they've orchestrated a bake off as well as a benefit show which has gathered much support and many people are parting with belongings for those less fortunate. People have also opened up their homes for those seeking refuge, the kindness knows no bounds. 

Even if you're not in New Zealand donating is very easy, here are links if you wish to give money to various causes. Also, super lovely artist Kelly Thompson is donating 30% of all retail to the Red Cross. 

This afternoon I am making packages for friends in Christchurch. They have lost their homes so I am hoping that some Japanese sweet treats and nic nacs will cheer them up, even if it is just for a moment. Mail is expected to be operational by Monday. If anyone would like to send a package to someone affected by the earthquake please email me on and I will send you a name and postal address.

 There is much kindness and love that can come from such events. In times of tragedy it is best to focus on what we can do to help.

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