Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On my way

Isabelle has a wonderful blog called On my way filled with personal photos that provide an intimate insight into a life lived in Paris. Her photographs capture delicious food, unexpected moments of beauty, time spent with loved ones and walks outside in dappled sunlight. Isabelle was kind enough to answers a few of my questions.

What is your name and where do you live?
I am Isabelle and I live in Paris

What is your all time favourite camera to shoot with?
I love my grandfather's camera, a Minolta SRT303

When did you first pick up a camera and what type was it?
I took a few shots when I was young (I can't remember what camera I used back then) but had my first own camera when I was pregnant (almost 10 years ago)

What are the top five songs you are listening to right now?
My ipod is often on shuffle mode and when it's not I am obsessing on just one song. Right now it's this.

How would you spend a perfect Saturday?
Wake up late, sipping my tea reading in bed. Then go out to have lunch with my son and wander in our favorite places in Paris. Come hone and have dinner with my husband and some friends.

What inspires you?
Simple daily life, food, people (I love to shoot portraits)...

Could toy please finish this sentence? If there is one thing you must see/do in Paris it is...
Oh...this is difficult...I often recommend to go to the Park de Belleville: the view is breathtaking, it is not touristy and I love the neighborhood (it is actually mine). 

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