Thursday, February 17, 2011

Small face

Being a half Indian girl in Japan can sometimes be a confusing thing when it comes to the beauty aesthetics. They don't stock foundation in my colour at many beauty counters and there is a questioning 'aaaeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh' noise when I ask which blush would suit my skin tone. It is all a rather exciting and somewhat mind boggling experience and I feel like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of fashion and beauty. 

People have told me I have a lovely 'small face' or kogoa which seemed like the strangest compliment in the world. I later learned Japanese have slightly bigger head to body proportions thus a more balanced look is greatly desired. Apparently having big eyes and a small chin is a good thing while a larger cranium and a broad flat face is considered not such a good thing. This was all news to me but it's something that seems to be recognized among many Japanese.

While initially all I expected to see was gothic lolitas and cutesy Harajuku girls there is so much more to Japanese women in their approach to beauty and fashion. Some women have a very relaxed natural beauty aesthetic. The poster girl to this would probably be Yu Aoi, an incredibly beautiful actress. She is feminine in a very natural earthy way, with just a hint of tomboy. With very little make up, layered clothing and relaxed natural colours it's a definite breath of fresh air in a sea of false eyelashes and thigh high suede boots. 

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