Wednesday, May 11, 2011


When I was back in New Zealand it felt like something of a holiday, but different from the ones I had been taking. It was a sleep deeply/don't wake me from my slumber no matter how important it is/ reading novels in my childhood bedroom while eating cameo cremes/ I'm taking a bubble bath and drinking red wine, kind of getaway. In between these times of recharge I saw my friends who I had been missing terribly and we danced furiously to Blondie and Santos Esmerelda, practiced air maracas, went to karaoke and pulled yoga moves while drunk. There were no laminated itineraries or sight seeing and it was nice. Now that I am rested, relaxed and back in the ever wonderful Japan I am dreaming about the next exotic location I want to travel to. 

Images from YouthQuakers. How good are old Vogues?

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