Sunday, July 31, 2011

My first ゆかた!  

Yesterday I went out and bought my first yukata, a Japanese summer kimono. It's festival season at the moment so there will be plenty of opportunities to wear it. I'm not very good at putting it on at the moment (there's a few steps) so one of my Japanese friends kindly assisted. 

Last night was super balmy and my friends and I biked down to the river to have a picnic and watch fireworks. It was an amazing summer evening and great to see everyone so dressed up. I definitely felt like a bit of a lady wearing yukata!


  1. You look lovely here! They're pricey no?

  2. Thanks Joy!

    The price wasn't too bad. $80 US for yukata, obi (belt), bow and wooden slippers. Some are really expensive but you can find cheaper sets or shop second hand :)