Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Take me out to the ball game

I'm horrible at sports. It's a fact my parents chose to ignore. As a result I was a victim of tennis lessons, awkward games of hockey, swimming and even the odd triathlon. My Dad is sports mad with funny fluoro running shorts, mesh singlets and an exercycle (a bike that goes nowhere). I think my lack of sportiness was a bit of a surprise for him but now he has come to terms with it. Any kind of physical feat has been well and truly banished from my life.  Until my birthday. One of my friends bought me a ticket to a baseball game. In Japan, people are crazy about baseball. Passionate beyond passionate. And so, I reentered the realm of sports, this time as a spectator. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed myself. The atmosphere was really infection and the entire stadium released balloons into the sky at the same time. FUN.

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