Friday, April 23, 2010

The art of the goodie bag

I sent Natasha a goodie bag in the post a few weeks back and it finally arrived! I nervously waited for its arrival conjuring corrupt posties and foreign incorrect addresses in my mind. Would they be able to read my scribble? Why did I not print my words? Ahh the anxiety...

There is definitely an art to the goodie bag, and a deluxe edition must include the following things. I have never nailed the ultimate goodie bag and this is my goal.

-a photograph
-chocolate and candy
-miscellanious items - matches, a postcard, a picture of a cat, a key ring, a fridge magnet etc...
-a handwritten letter (collaging within the letter is most encouraged)
-magazines - especially those not available or most coveted by the recepient
-a mix tape
-a beautiful quote that you just cannot get out of your mind
-a confession that noone knows
-pretty pictures for the recpients wall
-an opshop find
- a scratchie or lotto ticket
-and lastly spritz of perfume!

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