Friday, April 23, 2010

Flora and Fauna

If there's one thing I'm looking forward to when I've moved to London, spent a few months sleeping on various couches/floors/in cupboards, temped, spent all the little savings I have on weekends in Europe, finally found a big girls job and nabbed an apartment ... it's reviving my pot plant collection and herb garden.

Even as an inquisitive toddler of merely 2, I loved gardens. Ok, so my main interest at that stage was trying to eat the gardens but once I got a little older and discovered that ferns and pansies don't equate to a delicious snack, I proceeded to rip up moss and weeds and try to cultivate my own little garden oasis in an old hokey pokey ice cream container in my bedroom.
Needless to say these endeavors only ended in rotting foliage and tears.

But now I'm older and wisened to the fact that flora and fauna require sunlight and drainage, and after a little research have discovered these nifty ideas for creating a little bit of gardening heaven in your little bit of city space.

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