Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blind letter

When I was very young, perhaps 6, someone posted a blind letter in the mail to my family. What I can vaguely gather from my mother reading it, was that it was a teenage girl. She harped on to us, her blind anonymous audience, and delved into the issues like boys, the new wallpaper in her bedroom and the  problems she had with her parents. I loved her. My new anonymous friend. My mother dismissed it as nonsense and threw the letter in the rubbish bin. I thought it was beyond fascinating and penned my first blind letter (rather unimaginatively) to my next door neighbour. It said 'To Mrs Shas (her name was Mrs Shaw) What does it feel like to be old? Herrrre is a picture for you. (insert confused 6 year old rendition of shopping trolley). That was the beginning of one of the most fufilling and life changing relationships I have experienced. Today I am going to pen a new blind letter to a chosen unsuspecting victim!

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