Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Gemma

Dear Gemma,

a brief guide to living in an Asian country

food, food, food
our daily routine is based around it, we consume it every day, we love it, we loathe it, and it's going to be the biggest change to adapt to.
my advice as to how to adapt to this new, sometimes strange, at times down right scary, new diet?
get amongst it ~ with gusto!
and maybe start a regular exercise routine to try and counteract the inevitable effects ...

you're on their turf now
acquaint yourself with their culture ~ their rules, their traditions, their ideals, their way of life. accept that somethings we may find perfectly acceptable in our society may not go down so well in theirs. and likewise theirs ours.
the last thing you want to do is accidentally insult the masses by baring your shoulders on a sunny day (I write from Korea wearing a cardigan on a hot sunny day)

which brings me to ...

keep an open mind
be willing to accept, compromise and roll with the cultural differences. there's nothing worse than 'that' foreigner constantly proclaiming 'well back in MY country ...'

music, fashion baby
don't be afraid to succumb to the sweet temptation of Asian pop music, get amongst the dirty indie scene and don't be surprised when you find yourself dressing like a harajuku girl ...
expressing interest and having some knowledge of local music and culture will make it easier to make new fun friends, will expose you to more events and things to do you otherwise would have missed, and not to mention your kids will LOVE you ...

and have fun! such exciting new times await!

Love, Tash

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  1. Awww my very own travel advice. Thanks! I'll be sure to pack those running shoes.