Friday, May 21, 2010

Life is for lists. Top three's (for now)

Top 3.
Reoccuring dreams
1. Creepy workmate lives in a secret room in my house and spies on me
2. Male prostitutes turn up for dinner at my parents house
3. High speed car chase (with appalling outfits)

Top 3.
1. Avocado and extra crispy bacon with a dash of lemon and black pepper on 5 grain
2. Leek and potato frittata
3. Berry compote

Top 3.
Celebrities I would have like(d) to have met
1. Sylvia Plath
2. Milan Kundera
3. Michael Jackson

Top 3
Embarrassing moments as of late
1. Saying 'good thanks' when someone said hello
2. Tripping over my clogs while walking with a new friend
3. Getting my head stuck in the bus doors

Top 3
New blogs discovered
My Funny Eye
Long Hair Forever Club
Fuck Yeah French Cinema

Top 3
Movies enjoyed
A Single Man
The Cove

Top 3
Road trip essentials
A mix tape to end all mix tapes
A religious dashboard figurine

Top 3
Lists to make
Before I die I will:
New food I will try at the supermarket this week:
Things that scare me to do list:

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