Monday, June 28, 2010

Forgotten habits

Lovely Natasha sent me the best package from Korea, filled with the best imaginable stationary. The joy of receiving it in the mail was overwhelming. And, it couldn't have come at a better time. I had been mulling for a few days about starting something I hadn't done for years.

A diary. Not a 'dear diary, today so blue' but more sporadic thoughts as they struck. It started shakily, I had almost forgotten what it was like, what I was supposed to write and how I ended things. I couldn't shake the feeling I was writing it like someone else was going to read it so it wasn't really truly for me. This feeling is slowly sliding away and I'm getting bolder with my words and thoughts. 

It strange the way you feel in a moment when you write something, that is your total truth for that moment. Then a week, month, or year later everything is different. It's great for learning but that's is also the danger in diaries.

Above, the cover, the first page which is self conscious as talking about Mum and Dad and my grandma, a grocery shopping list quickly jotted for tonight and my boyfriends little brother Adrian and I practising writing our names.

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