Tuesday, June 29, 2010


You say 50's and I think floral aprons, glamorous housewives and white collar working men. I think of grandparents on pedestals telling us they would never have behaved as illicitly as we do and that it was a 'different set of rules back then.'

The gang kids pictured above called themselves The Jokers. They to were a part of the 50's, albeit the slightly seedier side. Roaming Brooklyn streets they did most things society told them not to. Loitering, tattoos, public displays of affection, boozy excess consumption and lurid dancemoves all fit the bill. 
Bruce Davidson followed the gang around and captured their lifestyle intimately. Famous for his significant images of the Civil Rights movement in the late 50s and 60s his smaller portfolios are starting to gain notoriety. Totally initimate and truthful, it's nice to know that kids can be kids, no matter what the era.

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