Thursday, July 1, 2010

Model living

I recently came across Alex Prager's images which are simultaneously weird, cool and creepy. Ultra American glam, the models look like staged mannequins, each injected with a unique personality. Some cooler than ice, others totally vulnerable, it's like sneaking a peek into a strange yet sophisticated parallel universe. I love the model standing awkwardly frozen in the sea. What on earth is going on there? Self taught and based in LA, Prager has described the city as “a strange picture of perfection… with a sense of unease under the surface of all this beauty and promise.” This oddness transcends into her photographs. When I saw Pragers photos I was immediately reminded of Yvonne Todd who presents a NZ version, albeit slightly seventies and dowdy, bringing back childhood embarassment and shameful outfits in a dizzying flash.

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